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Sonila really knows the final result what she wants to accomplish and believe me she treats the hair with such passion that I am really impressed. She was so confident that I couldn’t worry less so I enjoyed the full process so much that I now Kindly want to share here so anyone could get free tips on how to have these very natural Baby Highlights which I LOVE

On our 2nd hair appointment Sonila decided not to use the balayage this time but the foiling technique.This technique allows the lightener to lift more effectively.
The placement of the highlights is everything.
Formula lightener Schwarzkopf Blonde Me with 20 volume & pH-Bonder ( hair protector).
She started by placing highlights around my face.Very thin slices around the hairline, after that she weaved out the pieces that she wanted lighter around the face, and foliaged the rest of my hair.
What’s Foilyage?
Foilyage is just like balayage, but  each painted section is wrapped in foils.
After reaching the level we needed with no undertones ,time to rinse the hair (no shampoo) and apply
pH-Bond #2.

Formula Melting Colour 4N Fusion by Redken with 20 volume, time for the  melted color technique! This is applied on a wet hair and roots only.
Melting will blend the highlights with the base color on my hair so I don’t have any harsh lines.
Finally tone all over (9AA )Shades EQ.
Shampoo and Conditioner

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Want To Know More About The Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in New York?

Before you get to the cost of it, the best idea is to know a little bit about the treatment first. After all, you cannot judge the effectiveness based on keratin hair treatment cost in New York, or anywhere else for that matter.

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost in New York

Let us take a look at the effectiveness of keratin treatment:

Smoother hair

One of the first reasons that make keratin hair treatment a great option for you lays in the fact that it makes your hair appear a lot smoother. Though the results depend greatly on the thickness of your hair, it is certain that the smoothness will increase to a certain extent after the treatment.

Less fuzzy, more shiny

Apart from making your hair look smooth, if you have curly hair the treatment will make them less fuzzy. You can easily style them the way you want to and they will appear more glossy and full in volume. Isn’t that something you always wanted?

Easy to manage

The end result of all this is that you will be able to get easy to manage hair, which you can carry with every dress you choose to wear. By smoothing the cells down, keratin treatment works as a great way to make a new you by changing the way your hair look. And, this is where the beauty of this treatment lies.

Now that you know about the overall benefits of the treatment, it is a worthy idea to visit a few salons and inquire about the keratin hair treatment cost in New York, or wherever you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start the search – and find the best place out there in the market where you will be able to get the most efficient treatment for your hair.

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What Makes Coconut Oil For Hair Treatment So Special?

coconut oil for hair treatment

In today’s scenario, the impact of pollution, dirt and outdoor lifestyle it is quite easy for our hair to get damaged. This is the reason visiting a salon for hair treatment has become quite common. And, today we are going to talk about one of the treatment options i.e. coconut oil for hair treatment.

Coconut Oil For Hair Treatment

Why coconut oil?

The first, and the most obvious, question that might have popped up in your mind has to be – why? What makes coconut oil so special for hair?

It reduces hair damage

Scientific studies have shown that coconut oil reduces hair damage and breakage. It penetrates the hair follicles better and is more efficient than mineral oil, which is commonly used in hair treatments.

It wards off bacterial infection

Another reason that makes coconut oil for hair treatment such a great option is the fact that it possesses antibacterial properties. This is the reason that makes it a great cure for problems such as folliculitis, and other follicular infection.

Improve hair scalp and more

coconut oil for hair treatment

The oil possesses moisturizing properties as well, which make it a great choice for improving the health of your scalp, which plays an important role in the overall health of your hair.

So you can see there are plenty of reasons that make coconut hair a great option for you if you are looking to get hair treatment. Its nourishing properties make it a wonderful choice, and the fact that it is a cheap alternative to those chemical treatments makes it a worthwhile option.

If you have been running around in circles looking for the right hair treatment, then choosing coconut hair oil treatment can be the best idea.

Go ahead and ask your hair stylist to see what the best options available for hair treatment using coconut oil are. And, see what you can get!

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