I have to be sincere with you guys when I first thought about moving to New York I thought I would take care of my hair by myself so the easy thing to go for was dark brown.

But that wouldn’t last forever because I met Sonila from Sonila Beauty Box which will retouch my hair color and my haircut the right way.

Without any hesitation she agreed to explain procedure and products she used to highlight my hair without damage so here it is.

What is the process like?

The process start with applying base hair (roots touch up) with Fusion Color from Redken.3 N Dark Brown omonia free.We let the color sit for 20min before we start balayage technique.For natural,sun-kissed highlights effect balayage is the perfect method .The final product is beautiful, natural, and hair with absolutely zero line!For balayage I used Flash Lift powder from Redken with 20 volume.We start painting on the surface of the hair strand and not saturated through the section until the very tips.No foils needed for this process.During this technical service We always use pH-Bonder.Nr 1 treatment because protect bonds and reduce breakage.As soon as we reach the desired color, we rinse the hair really well and apply pH-Bonder nr2 and we leave it for 10 min.To add shine back to the hair and to complete the tone of the hair color we use Redken shades EQ toner Gloss.We work the gloss for few min on the sink and then rinse and wash the hair with Redken color safe shampoo and conditioner.Typically balayage requires far less maintenance than traditional colors because it grows out beautifully and there are no strong regrowth lines.


So here it is the final result. What do you think?


Photography is courtesy of  Marc Cuddihee @mecimaging

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Get The Best Hair Treatment At A Hair Salon In Downtown Manhattan

Hair is one of the most important human accessories. If you don’t have good looking hair, chances are your first impression would not be something that you would want to boast off. This is the reason finding a good hair salon in downtown Manhattan, and going for a good service becomes the key.


One of the first and the most obvious services that you can expect to get here is a genuine haircut. The professional stylists out there can help you with the best look, and can help you choose a haircut that suits your face. This can prove to be a blessing for your appearance.

Hair Salon In Downtown Manhattan

Shampoo and blow-dry

Our hair need regular conditioning in order to look as good as we want them to. This is where treatments like shampoo and blow-dry come into the picture. By visiting a good hair salon in downtown Manhattan you can eventually give your hair the treatment it deserves and look your beautiful best!

Hair Salon In Downtown Manhattan

Highlights and more

Apart from the ones mentioned above, services like hair coloring, highlighting and more are also integral part of the service packages you can get at a hair salon in Downtown Manhattan or wherever you are. If you are looking to give your appearance a makeover then trying out such services can prove to be the best!

Hair Salon In Downtown Manhattan

This list sums up some of the basic services that you can expect to get a salon, no matter where in the world you are. If you are planning to change the way you look or adorn something new in your appearance, visiting a hair salon in downtown Manhattan can prove to be just the perfect idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your visit to see what you can get!

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